The Society of Ancients Wargames Championship

The Championship is sponsored in 2010 by Hinchliffe Models.

Note: results submission forms are available from our Downloads page.

Back by popular demand!

The Championship ran from the early days of the Society through to 1992. Its purpose was to bring members together for wargames which would count in a society-wide competition. Everyone could take part: provided you could arrange to meet other another member at a suitable venue – home/club/convention etc. – agree to it being a championship game and remember to record and submit the game. Some of the longest enduring social connections amongst ancients enthusiasts started with a speculative phone call looking for a championship game!

Tradition aside, by the 1990s, participation levels were quite low. Weekend tournaments had proliferated, and enthusiasts seeking a game could book in for a whole day or a whole weekend of games without the inconvenience of arranging each one individually. Players would often forget to send in results, and the admin often caused the Society a paperwork problem. With fashions changed and priorities shifted, the Championship was eventually suspended. The change was never intended to be permanent. It was before email and the internet revolutionised communications.

Following increasing interest by members, it has been decided to relaunch the Championship, starting at the beginning of January 2009. The format will be traditional, with the aim of encouraging as many members as possible to join in.

Any type of ‘two player’ game and rules system will be used (the players pick, but there are some basic guidelines), and players may play each other not more than twice. Email will be available as a preferred form of reporting, and the Society runs a members Yahoo message group, which it is hoped may provide an ideal forum for arranging games, raising issues and generally communicating with other participants. The laurels go to the player with the highest average over the year – subject to a minimum denominator of 5 (so for best advantage, play 5 or more games).

Handicapping was a much loved (and much debated!) feature of the original championship: the more successful players being ‘worth’ more in victory points than beginners (and a ‘high points value’ being an accolade much sought after by status conscious players …). All this is to come. 2009 is year zero, and all are created equal. We hope everyone will feel welcome, join in, and then forward their views as well as their results. That will enable the next evolution of the Championship to follow what members and players want. Meanwhile, there’s a fresh new title up for grabs. Full rules follow.

Phil Steele, SoA President
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