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6 Issue Membership (Slingshot subscription starts issue 318) - £27

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Includes 6 issues of Slingshot, starting with issue 318 (March/April 2018). 

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The Society would like to know your views on making its magazine, Slingshot, available in a digital format suitable for tablets and ebook readers. Therefore during the checkout process you will be asked your opinion on this and we should be grateful if you could select your preference from the list shown. Please note:

  • The Society currently has no plans to publish a digital Slingshot.
  • The Society intends to continue publishing a paper Slingshot, even if it later decides to publish a digital edition.
  • Your response will be treated anonymously and shall not be divulged to others.
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By joining you will receive 6 copies of the magazine "Slingshot".

You will be sent a Membership Number, which you may use with a number of suppliers to obtain discounts.

You will receive a code which you can use as a discount on the Society Store.

You will be eligible to join the Society's online forums - contact the webmaster with your membership number to arrange an invitation.

Please allow 28 days for your membership to be processed.

For any queries please contact the Membership Secretary using the Contacts Page.

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Membership will be charged in £ Sterling and converted at time of purchase.