Slingshot 298, January/February 2015


46 pages, including articles on:

  • Hydaspes Battle Pack, by Richard Lockwood
  • The Society of Ancients Championship, by John Graham-Leigh & Martin Smith
  • Command & Colors on the Tabletop (3), by Steven Neate
  • Mesopotamian Warfare Notelet (6): Three Mysteries of the East, by Alastair McBeath
  • New Works on Early Byzantine History, by Jim Sye
  • Virtual Triremes, by Richard Taylor
  • Visiting Skipton & Corfe Castles, by Peter Barham
  • Behind the Curve – Archery in Wargames, by Nick Harbud
  • The Battle of Dunnichen 685 using Dux Bellorum, by Steven Neate
  • Light Infantry in the Ranks of Cavalry, by John Hogan
  • Follow That Leader, by David Kay
  • The China Game, by Mike Haran

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