Slingshot 300, May/June 2015


Containing articles on:

  • The Empire is Dead, Long Live the Army (2), by Justin Swanton
  • Visiting Warwick Castle, by Peter Barham
  • Agricola Against the Ordovices (2): Agricola’s Campaign, by John Hastings
  • Glasgow Armati, by Mark Grindley, John Bradley & Vincent Auger
  • Mesopotamian Warfare Notelet (8): Warriors of Ebla, by Alastair McBeath
  • ‘Alf a League Onwards, by David Kay
  • Authors’ Forum, by Aaron Bell
  • Three Against One: Modelling Metaurus, by Chris Hahn
  • Impetus in Buenos Aires, by Jorge Chehede
  • Living Memory, by John Hastings
  • Stories from the Jungle, by Mark Fry

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