Slingshot 295, July/August 2014

46 pages, containing articles on:

  • A Siege in the Desert, by Nicholas Spratt
  • All at Sea – A Viking Ship from a Toy, by Anthony Clipsom
  • America’s Greek Connection, by Mike Haran
  • Visiting Old Sarum, by Peter Barham
  • War, Games and Wargames (3), by Richard Taylor
  • The Crosby Garrett Helmet, by Stephen Ede-Borrett
  • Book Reviews, by Mick Hession, Karl Heinz Ranitzsch, Duncan Head & Luke Ueda-Sarson
  • Mesopotamian Notelets (5), by Alastair McBeath
  • Magnesia: Modified and Muddied, by Chris Hahn
  • The Stuttgart Psalter, by Roy Boss
  • 1166 And All That (3) - King Henry, by Mick Hession
  • Hands in the Sea – An Interview with the Designer, by Aaron Bell

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