Slingshot 2011 Back Issues

6 back issues, from 274 to 279 inclusive, for £5

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Additional Material for the Argonautica Articles, by Alistair McBeath


This is a downloadable PDF that contains a wealth of additional material by Alistair McBeath for his excellent Argnoautica series of articles in Slingshot.  

It's pretty large (15Mb) so you will need to download it from Cartloom by clicking on the Add To Cart link below (don't worry - it's still free).  




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45 Years of Slingshot, 2006-2010, CD Upgrade


The 2006-2010 CD is aimed at anyone who has the 40-year Slingshot CD/DVD (from the first beginnings to the end of 2005) and wants the next five years without spending £35 for the 45-year DVD.  The CD itself contains all issues from 2006 to 2010, issues 244 to 273 inclusive.  Choose your issue using a new and eye-catching sliding graphic display of issue covers, and right-click on the cover of your chosen issue to view the contents in a down-scrolling pdf.



This CD is also the only way - apart from ordering the 45-year DVD - to obtain 2006 and 2009 Slingshot back issues.

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