The Development of the Roman Legion eBook - Free!

An eBook written by Kenneth Haynes, a long term SoA contributor, covering the development of the Roman Legion from obscurity until late Republican times.

This eBook is available in both mobi and ePub format, which are open source eBook formats that allow us to offer this eBook for free and directly to members through our webstore rather than having to use Amazon or Apple (and pay them).

ePub is an open standard eBook format that will work on the majority of eReaders.

mobi is the open standard version of the format that Amazon use for the Kindle, so is probably the better format to chose if you want to load it on a Kindle.

Instructions for installing these files on eBook readers can be found online.  Links to instructions for common eBook readers are shown below - these are links to external sites and the Society of Ancients is not responsible for the content of these external websites, nor for any damage that you might do to an eReader device following these instructions.

Installing a mobi file on an Amazon Kindle

Installing an ePub file on an Amazon Kindle



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