SoA Battle Day 2017 - Arsuf 1191 AD


Battle Day 2017 duly took place on Saturday 1 April at the usual venue of Sycamore Hall, Bletchley. Around 40 wargamers refought the Battle of Arsuf, 1191 AD across eight different wargames using eight different sets of rules.

The day started with a very well-received expert introduction to the battle and the challenges of wargaming it, given by Society member, academic and author Matt Bennett.

Then the refights started, and the general hubbub in the room reflected the fun and excitement in the games themselves.  Some games were played twice in the day, and across the room there were wins for both Crusaders and Saracens; honours broadly even.  All the rule sets got properly road tested with this “attack on a marching force” style game, and it will be interesting to read their battle reports in future Slingshots to see how they fared.

The Black Hat Miniatures Prize for Best Terrain was awarded to Mark Craddock for the terrain he produced for the Armati game. The Warlord Prize for Best Game went to Richard Jeffrey-Cook and the game featuring his new rule set “Lap of the Gods”.

The battle chosen for next year is Paraetacene 317 BC, fought by Eumenes of Cardia and Antigonus Monopthalmus (“One-Eye”), two of the great generals of the Successor Wars following the death of Alexander the Great. The date will be confirmed in due course.