SoA Battle Day 2018 - Paraetacene 317 BC


Battle Day 2018 will be Paraetacene 317 BC, the large Successor battle between the armies of Eumenes of Cardia and Antigonus One-Eye. So…pike, heavy cavalry, light cavalry, elephants in a big battle on an open plain – what’s not to like here! Members are invited to come and run games, or to just turn up and join in whichever games take their fancy – all the games welcome additional players on the day. We charge £10 per person to attend (juniors and students free) to go towards venue and table hire.

Any questions about the day etc should be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We will be fighting this, not on the Iranian plateau, but in the familiar confines of Sycamore Hall, Drayton Road, Bletchley, Near Milton Keynes, MK2 3RR.

And rather than 317 BC, we will be fighting it on Saturday 7 April 2018.  Doors open at 8am for people to start setting up.  Nominal start is 9am, with the introductory talk set to start around 9:15am.  Like most ancient battles though, timings can slip somewhat once the enemy is sighted.