Initiated in 2009 and awarded for the best historical article in the past year for a "500BC to 1BC" topic.





2018 Patrick Waterson War Elephants 319
2017 Richard Andrews Pontic army of Mithridates 310
2016 Richard Taylor Othismos 306
2015 Julian Lorriman Annihalation Battles and Army Sizes in Rome's Conquest of the Mediterranean 302
2014 Duncan Head Alexander's Army at the Hydaspes 297
2013 Julian Lorriman The Roman Republic against the Italian Gauls  
2012 Julian Lorriman After Hannibal 285
2011 Andrew Taylor Battle Manoeuvres for Fast Triremes  
2010 Patrick Waterson Hannibal's Legions in Slingshot 269  
2009 Patrick Waterson Amazed Was I Ere I Saw Zama