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2018 Nicholas Spratt Holiday in Cambodia (an article, rather than a bribe to the committee !) 316, 317
2017 David Karunanithy Paionian Cavalry in the army of Alexander the Great 314
2016 Alastair MacBeath Voyage of the Argo series  
2015 Richard Taylor Virtual Triremes 298
2014 Robert Heiligers History of the Iberian Peninsular  
2013 Justin Swanton Multiple contributions and assisstance  
2012 Duncan Head Many many book reviews  
2011 John Hastings Why do we play Wargames with Model Soldiers  
2010 Martin Smith Army choice in DBA 267
2009 Doug Melville Putting it all together: the Sassanians Re-Examined  
2008 Jim Webster Multiple Slingshot Articles  
2007 Alistair McBeath Number of contributions on a diverse range of subjects  
2006 John Walsh Multiple Slingshot Articles  
2005 Paul Burton Fair and Open Battle series  
2004 Robert A Richardson Andean Warfare articles  
2003 Karl Heinz Ranitzsch Various contributions  
2002 Steve Neate Various contributions  
2001 Gavin Pearson Army Success and Popularity in DBM 2.1  
2000 John Curry A Practical Guide to Storming a Castle  
1999 Chris Smith Collection of Naval Articles  
1998 Paul Walsh Braveheart: History or Myth  
1997 Brian Epsie Scattered Thoughts series  
1996 Jim Sye Various contributions  
1995 Adrian Garbett    
1994 Gareth Simon Various contributions  
1993 Paul Walsh Kublai Khan's INvasion of Japan  
1992 Neil Hammond    
1991 Harold Gerry Greeks - for Example  
1990 Paul Szusikiewicz Various contributions  
1989 Phil Steele    
1988 Duncan Head Various contributions  
1987 Terry Martin The Church Militant  
1986 Andrew Grainger Alternative Roman Wargames  
1985 Andy Gittins Various Contributions  
1984 Nigel Stillman Mitanni  
1983 Michael Axworthy Je l'ay emprins - the Burgundian armies of 1476 AD  
1982 Derek Harrison Later Roman Forts: AD 200 - AD 400  
1981 Ian Smith Ctesias  
1980 Jim Webster Various contributions  
1979 Duncan Head Various contributions  
1978 Robert Maude    
1977 George Gush A Viking we will go  
1976 John Norris    
1975 Phil Barker    
1974 C.S.Grant    
1973 Richard Price Roman Articles  
1972 Alan Buttery    
1971 Harold Gerry Antistentor  
1970 Ed Mills Rioting in Alexandria