The award for Best Wargaming Article is sponsored by Gripping Beast, and was Initiated in 1996; it is awarded by the Editor to the best wargaming article in the year.





2018 Chris Hahn Wargaming War Wagons 320
2017 Chris Hahn Paraetacene  
2016 Chris Hahn Refight accounts and rules commentaries across a wide range of battles  
2015 Roy Boss Retrospective of the Society's History 301
2014 Steven Neate Converting Command & Colors: Ancients to the tabletop  
2013 Richard Taylor War, Games and Wargames  
2012 Mark Fry Teutonic Indigestion 285
2011 Julian Lorriman Quick Resolution for Ancient Battles  
2010 Aaron Bell Generating Lost Battles 272
2009 Adrian Goldsworthy Thinking about Romans - EIR for WAB  
2008 Paul Burton Campaigns for Wargamers series  
2007 Dr Sahid Mohamed Dadabhoy Article on the frustrations of a Muslim wargamer  
2006 Mike Tittensor Do Ancients Stop at Qadesh  
2005 Graham Evans De Matrica Bellae  
2004 Scott Robinson Successor Battles  
2003 Steven Neate Wargaming Hasmonean Judea  
2002 David Davidson May the Sky not Fall on your Head  
2001 Phil Halewood A Ridge too Far - Two Refights of Granicus  
2000 Nick Harbud De Bellis Hibernicus - Rules for Mediaeval Irish Warfare  
1999 Peter Hall Wargaming Alexander in the East  
1998 Phil Halewood & Carl Luxford The Battle of Al Qadisayyah - 637 AD  
1997 John Graham-Leigh Solo Campaigning   
1996 Carl Luxford Wargaming with Arrian against the Alans