Awarded periodically by the Committee for Services to Wargaming.




2011 Richard Lockwood For his work in developing and organising the annual Battle Day
2010 Paddy Griffin For outstanding achievements in ancient and mediaeval history and wargaming set therein
2008 Richard Pulley  
2003 Richard Bodley-Scott  
2002 Steve Neate  
2000 Arty Conliffe For Armati and Tactica wargames rules
1995 Bob O'Brien  
1991 Milton Keynes Wargames Club Triathalon Competition
1985 Guglielmo Marlia Promotion of the Society in Continental Europe
1984 Duncan Head Contributions to Slingshot
1983 Bill Lamming  
1979 Neville Dickinson For figure manufacturing
1977 Phil Barker  
1976 Malcolm Woolgar