Slingshot Errata for 2008 Issues

Errata for Issue 261

Mesopotamian Notes

The labels for the Figure in 261, p.8, are omitted. Running left to right in all cases, they should be:
  • Row 1: "Ox", Animal - "Sheep", Disc - "Wool", Disc
  • Row 2: "Fleece", Disc - "Textile", Disc - "Garment", Paraboloid
  • Row 3: "Food", Triangle - "Bread", Cone - "Beer", Vessel
  • Row 4: "Granary", Rectangle - "Metal", Triangle - "Make, Build", Tetrahedron
A revision of the figure will be uploaded to this page shortly.

Map on Rear Cover

Paul sent through some map errata, but the issue was already at the printers at this time. I managed to intercept and replace the interior pages, but unfortunately the rear cover had already been printed. A high resolution revision of the map, which reflects all these changes, is available in the members area.
  • Trinovantes should connect to Lower Germany, Belgica
  • Atrebates should connect to Belgica, Gaul
  • Dobunni should connect to Trinovantes, Atrebates
  • The Atrebates are a Roman Client
  • There should be a connection between Bithynia and Pontus.
  • There should be a link between Thrace and Bithynia
  • Emesa should be NE of Judea. Connecting to Judea, Syria and the Bedouin but not Nabatea.

Eumenes Map

Bill Butler has pointed out to me that the gridlines are missing. Again, I'll upload a revised version of the map, with clearer lines (they're there, but seem to have been lost in the printing process). The grid should consist of 5 columns and 4 rows.
I’ll shortly upload Bjorn’s original map to this page.

Errata for Issue 260

At this point, no published errata.

Errata for Issue 259

Unfortunately 259 went out with a couple of bugs. Many apologies for this:
  • The author of "What Have the Mongols Done For Us?" is correctly identified as John Walsh on the contents page, and incorrectly identified as Jim Webster in the copy.
  • Less importantly, the Gripping Beast figures review is missing a byline. It was written by Mark Watson, again as per the contents page.

Errata for Issue 257

Campaigns for Wargamers 3 - Rome and Palmyra: Errata

The map was missing some identifying features, specifically the starting cities for each faction. This erratum should also be (hopefully) printed in the Guardroom section for 258, plus in future articles I will try and add the data to the text in case we have ongoing issues with the maps.

The starting cities are as follows:

  • Rome: Ravenna, Thessalonika, Athens, Alexandria, Cyrene
  • Palmyra: Palmyra, Tarsus, Antioch, Petra, Jerusalem, Dura
  • Persia: Ctesiphon, Babylon, Seleucia, Hatra, Ecbatana
  • Goths: Tyras, Byzantium, Nicomedia, Iconium
  • Armenia: Tigranocerta, Trapezus, Nisibis, Albera
  • Desert border Cities (Italics didn't show up in printed version): Petra, Dura, Seleucia, Babylon

Errata for Issue 256

Mesopotamian Notes II

Missing Mesopotamian Map:
Missing Map for Mesopotamian Warfare Notes II

From Alastair McBeath: "The article 'Mesopotamian Warfare Notes II' in Slingshot 256 should have had a third map with it, which seems to have been omitted for space reasons. It showed a slightly simplified version of Hans Nissen's ideas of settlement influence areas in southern Mesopotamia for the Early Dynastic I/II periods, plus another variant set of watercourses to those in Maps 1 and 2 with that article. The paragraph beginning "The drying climate was coupled with..." on page 9 is best read with reference to this map, and it also explains why the cities of Badtibira and Larsa were referred to on page 10, but not shown on either of the extant maps. This map was intended to be useful for following some of the discussion in my third Mesopotamian article too, in Slingshot 257, notably in the "Rebuilding history" section, where it was particularly referenced."
This missing Map 3 is given, with its caption, here.