About the Society

The Society of Ancients is a long-established international amateur society for the promotion of the study of ancient and medieval military history and wargaming the period 3000 BC to 1500 AD. It is run by volunteers for the benefit of its worldwide membership.

The Society publishes a bi-monthly journal, Slingshot, containing a wide range of items related to Ancient and Medieval military history and wargaming contributed by Society members.  It organises various events, including an annual games day and members' conference, and runs a wargames championship.  The Society also publishes a number of games and booklets which are available from our web store.

Watch an introductory video here:     

Membership is open to all, and lasts for 6 issues of Slingshot.

Welcome to a new look SoA website.

The software that runs the website required some major updates because it was out of support.  As a result of this, the template for the website, and quite of few of the plug-ins have had to be updated because they weren't compatible with the new versions of the software.  Hopefully it is all functional - if you find something that isn't working, you can drop me a message please and let me know?  The look and feel will get a bit smoother over the next couple of weeks as I get a chance to improve it.

Apologies for having taken the Forum down as part of the update.  I have now rolled back to the old version of PHP, and the Forum seems to be working OK again.  This isn't a long term solution, as I need to upgrade PHP, so I will need to have a mess around with the Forum at some point, which will require a big upgrade to that as well.  Not about to start that at 9:15pm on a Sunday evening...

The Contact Us forms are also broken, and I can't work out why - they should be working according to everything I can find online.  I will try and get them working again as soon as I can.  The Championship results submission form should be working though - it looks a bit rubbish at the moment, as I had to use a new plugin for it, so need to do some prettyfying again at some point.

The Forum is now updated as well, and the main PHP is now on 8.2 which is a supported and secure version.  There are some plug-ins for the Forum that are proving tricky to update, so will be working on them for the next week or so.

If you have an issues, I have created a Forum topic at http://soa.org.uk/sm/index.php?topic=6666.0 for you to report them.


The Society needs you!

The Society of Ancients is a volunteer organisation, and relies on its members.  It's very easy to join -– just click on the button below, or for more details, go to the join page, add a membership to your cart and check out using Paypal.  You can alternatively download a postal membership form.  Membership costs £36 for 6 issues of Slingshot (normally a year), plus access to the forum.

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