Simple Campaigning


By John Graham-Leigh

Ancient and Medieval campaign frameworks for battles with model soldiers.  Any set of battle rules can be used.

Players can ride with Genghiz Khan, struggle for mastery in Imperial Rome, lead the Assyrian Empire to glory or dominate later medieval Europe.

Suitable for solo or multi-player campaigns.

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SoA DBA3 Reference Sheet - Free!

A handy reference sheet with key data for v3 of De Bellis Antitiquatis (DBA), a set of fast play wargaming rules by Phil and Sue Barker, published by WRG.

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The Development of the Roman Legion eBook - Free!

An eBook written by Kenneth Haynes, a long term SoA contributor, covering the development of the Roman Legion from obscurity until late Republican times.

This eBook is available in both mobi and ePub format, which are open source eBook formats that allow us to offer this eBook for free and directly to members through our webstore rather than having to use Amazon or Apple (and pay them).

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Tony Bath's Ancient Wargaming



A compilation of the gaming publications of Society founder, Tony Bath, published by John Curry. As well as the "Peltast and Pila" rules and Tony's book on setting up wargames campaigns, this includes the Society publication "Legend of Hyboria", which it supersedes (and which is no longer available as a separate publication). 

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The Ancient Strategists


The Ancient Strategists CD is a PDF of the 48-page booklet issued by the Society in 1994.  

It comprises translated texts of Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” and the first three books of Vegetius’s “Epitome of Military Science”, with introductions and notes by Karl-Heinz Ranitzsch and Michael Anastasiadis.  These are two of the most influential military texts, right up to our own time.

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The Roman Empire Order of Battle for the Civil Wars 68-70AD (download)

£ Free

By Michael Lane

This 86 page booklet identifies every known unit throughout each province of the Roman Empire at the end of the Julio-Claudian period.  Richly illustrated, it includes details of organisation and descriptions of the major battles.

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Wargaming the Baltic Crusades


By Paul Stein

Paul Stein combines extensive research of his subject with a wargaming experience which makes this an interesting addition and a must for all those interested in Mediaeval Europe.

The Baltic Crusades booklet has 24 A4 pages plus covers and 6 pages of monochrome illustrations.  The text covers the historical background and progress of the German campaigns along the Baltic, with maps, details of armies and battles, instructions on making appropriate fortifications and notes on sources and coats of arms.

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Medieval Warfare

£0 - free PDF download now available

By Slim Mumford

A classic set of skirmish wargaming rules in the Tony Bath style covering the medieval period. 


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The Goths - 1: From Berig to the Battle of Adrianople


This is the first of two books which describe the Goths, their arms and armour, dress and equipment, army organisation, campaigns, battle tactics, and strategy.


The focus of this first volume is the early Goths, before they became integral to the history of the Roman Empire. The emphasis lies on the Goths themselves, outside and inside the Empire, rather than their part in the Late Empire’s history.


Emerging as a distinct people at the beginning of the first millennium AD, the Goths expanded from the Baltic to the Black Sea in the late second century and in time became the only Germanic people to cross Europe from one end to the other, the first Germanic people to establish lasting kingdoms in core Roman territories such as Italy and Spain, the first to successfully create a synthesis of Germanic and Roman elements, and the first non-Mediterranean people in Europe to enjoy an independent intellectual literary culture. Their legacy lasted far longer than their kingdoms.


The Goths were not the first lance-armed heavy shock cavalry in Europe, but they became so noted for it that cavalry of the Gothic type achieved an increasingly dominant role in all surviving Romano-Germanic successor states. Without the Goths, the medieval knight as we know him, armed with spear and shield would not have existed.


This book is illustrated with 70 plates, maps, illustrations and photographs of original items.


ISBN: 978-1-8383000-0-5


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