About the Society

The Society of Ancients is a long-established international amateur society for the promotion of the study of ancient and medieval military history and wargaming the period 3000 BC to 1500 AD. It is run by volunteers for the benefit of its worldwide membership.

The Society publishes a bi-monthly journal, Slingshot, containing a wide range of items related to Ancient and Medieval military history and wargaming contributed by Society members.  It organises various events, including an annual games day and members' conference, and runs a wargames championship.  The Society also publishes a number of games and booklets which are available from our web store.

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Membership is open to all, and lasts for 6 issues of Slingshot.



Corvus rules front cover



Wargame Rules for Ancient Naval Warfare from 320 to 30BC by Richard Lee.

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Corvus is a set of rules for fighting sea battles in the Ancient Mediterranean. It is a fast play game that avoids book keeping. It can be played with either 1/600th or 1/1200th scale models and includes two full colour sheets of ship counters.

The Society needs you!

The Society of Ancients is a volunteer organisation, and relies on its members.  It's very easy to join -– just click on the button below, or for more details, go to the join page, add a membership to your cart and check out using Paypal.  You can alternatively download a postal membership form.  Membership costs £36 for 6 issues of Slingshot (normally a year), plus access to the forum.

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