Slingshot 313, July/August 2017

Containing articles on

  • Wargaming with Vandals, by Simon MacDowall
  • Themed Competitions, by John Graham-Leigh, Richard Lockwood & John Vaughan
  • On the Byzantine Rhomphaia, by Periklis Deligiannis
  • Society Championship 2016 Results, by Peter Barham
  • Arsuf: Armati at the Beach, by Roy Boss & Matthew Bennett
  • Bella Contra Barbaros, by Michael Collins
  • The Battle of the Five Lamas, by Nicholas Spratt
  • Addressing Adrianople, by Chris Hahn
  • Goliath With A Mace? You Must Be Kidon! by Alastair McBeath
  • Mythological Wargaming Ancient Greek Style, by Harry Ryder

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