Slingshot is a bi-monthly publication, distributed to members of the Society of Ancients as part of their membership subscription. Most of the content is contributed by Society members on a wide range of items related to Ancient and Medieval military history and wargaming. There are articles, reviews, letters, game design ideas, as well as the usual discussion on various wargames rules. Competition results and the occasional battle report are also published. Our quality publication showcases the written contributions from our membership and features original pen and ink artwork.

A PDF index of Slingshot, covering all issues from 1965 to 2015, is available from our Downloads page.

 The Golden Years of Slingshot, 1965-2015, on DVD

SLINGSHOT, the bi-monthly journal of the Society, is the most admired publication in its field. This DVD includes every Slingshot produced from 1965 to 2015. It constitutes an invaluable resource of over 13,000 pages about ancient and medieval history and wargaming. The collection is fully indexed and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader version 7.0 or later.

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Slingshot 302, September/October 2015

Slingshot 302 Cover Image 

Containing articles on

  • Annihilation Battles & Army Sizes in Rome’s Conquest of the Mediterranean
  • Montaperti 1260 Battle Day Report
  • Dux Bellorum – Bending the Rules
  • New Works on Early Byzantine History
  • Choices and Compromises
  • Polybius and the Gauls, by Richard Gill
  • Battle Day Reports – Hydaspes 326 BC
    • with Art De La Guerre
    • with Rameses II
    • with DBA 3
  • Road to Disaster
  • Slingshot Reviews

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